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The board

The board of Kannunvalajat 2021

The whole board’s e-mail address:  hallitus (at) kannunvalajat.fi, messages to a single board member: firstname.surname (at) kannunvalajat.fi   /   Photos: Petteri Fincke

Mustapha Ceesay, Chair

Mustapha, 24, a politics and communications student, a master’s freshman next fall and this year’s chairperson of Kannunvalajat. I memorise books for fun and I’m also a “basic gym dude”. 2021 is likely to be my final year as an active player in student organizations and it is an honour to end my student organization career as chairperson of the Kannunvalajat.

Sakari Pirkkalainen, Study Affairs

Hi! I’m Sakari and on this exceptional year I’m conducting student advocacy here in Kannu. I’m a second year student in societal change. Long runs, Nietzsche and jaloviina have brought summit experiences in these outré times.

Matias Kivipuro, Study Affairs and Equality

I am Matias, this year’s equality representative and one of our two study affairs representatives for Kannunvalajat. I am also a student member in the steering group for the bachelor program of social research so my time is full of study affairs. I have started my studies about three years ago in economics but this autumn I switched over to social research. My hobbies include cooking and lately I’ve even started reading books again. Hope we can meet soon!

Aurora Binder, Communications and Corporate Relations

Hi! My name is Aurora & I´m a third year politics & communication student, as well as this year´s communications & corporate relations representative. Things I love include cooking, interior, photography & coffee dates. Hopefully we get to meet in person soon, during all of our usual fun events!

Olli Castrén, Vice Chair and External affairs

Hi there! My name’s Olli, and I’m the vice chair and external affairs representative of Kannu this year. I’m a third year master’s student in the European Nordic Studies programme. I love cooking, intense philosophical discussions, and board games.

Meeri Saltevo, Events and Freshers

Hello! I am Meeri, a second year student at politics and communication bachelor’s program. In normal circumstances, you could see me at the central campus area, rushing to the lecture (usually late) or enjoying a cup of coffee at Tiedekulma. Hopefully we could see each other face to face soon!

Venla Nenonen, Events and Culture

Hello everybody! My name is Venla and I study social sciences for the first year. This year I am responsible for Kannu’s events and culture. I’m also a big fan of fantasy litterature and long walks. Conversations with all kinds of people are something I never say no to.

Milla Hallikas, Communications and Corporate Relations

Hi! I am Milla, the other half of this year’s communications and corporate relations representative team. I study social psychology on Social Research Master’s program. On my free time I enjoy running and listening to audio books, most often combining these two hobbies. I also play video games and do different kind of handicraft projects. My favorite drink is black tea and favorite animals are small goats that wear sweaters! (google them!)

Sarmite Puukko, Secretary and Internationality

Hello! I’m Sarmite, secretary and internationality representative of Kannunvalajat. I study social psychology in the Master’s program of Social Research. In addition to being a board member of Kannu, my time is spent doing my master’s thesis, exercising and gathering different kinds of projects. At the moment, I really miss summer and camping. Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss about administrative matters of Kannu or exchange ideas about nice nature sites.

Aapo Rouvari, Treasurer

Hi! My name is Aapo and I am the treasurer of the Kannunvalajat board. I’m a first year student in the bachelors programme in economics. In my free time I greatly enjoy reading all kinds of books regardless of the genre and singing, especially a capella singing in vocal groups. I like to challenge myself daily to step out of my comfort zone via various means like cold showers and eating stupid hot chili sauces. Hopefully we’ll meet during the year!

Sanna Pellinen, Environment and Work life

Hi! I’m Sanna, first year social science student.This year I will be Kannu’s worklife and environmental coordinator. I dream about moving to a house that has large tree in front of my window so I could watch the birds eating on the bird feeder 🙂

Heta Pirttijärvi, Sports and Premises

Hi! My name is Heta and I am the premises manager and sports representative of Kannunvalajat this year. I study politics and communications with world politics as my major. In my free time I like to do sports, paint and spend time with my friends. Fun fact about me (that many consider horrible): I like to put ketchup on my pizza!