Dear exchange and degree freshmen of the Faculty of Social Sciences

Welcome to this northern country of thousand lakes and forests, the home of Santa Claus, country of cold and snowy winters, of people who are born skates on and of the religious monsters who enjoy hard rock. Welcome to Finland
Welcome this southern city of booming business and technology, with one the best public transportation in the world, of thousands famous sites, like.. well you’ll find them out. of gloomy and serious people who don’t smile or have a sense of humour altogether. Welcome to Helsinki.
Welcome to this faculty of future public officers, world saviours and politicians, of students representing various kinds of worldviews, backgrounds and styles, of parties which have really weird customs and often seem to be getting out of hand, of student board representatives who won’t skip a change to show their witty and ironical sense of humour. Welcome to the Faculty of Social Sciences.
New semester is about to start and we the board of Kannunvalajat would like to warmly welcome all our new exchange and degree students to our student community. Kannunvalajat is the student organisation of the Faculty of Social Sciences and we represent and organise events for all the students in our faculty. Our name which roughly translates to “The Potters” comes from and old novel called “The State Wise Potter” in which main characters, of whom one is a potter, who without proper political or social education or any kind of competence debate about social problems, subjects and politics. See above about the witty and ironical sense of humour. Please like us on Facebook Kannunvalajat and follow us on Instagram @Kannunvalajat and on Twitter @Kannunvalajat to keep up with all what’s going on in the Faculty of Social Sciences.
An important organization to you, our dear international freshmen, is CISSI who represents and organizes events for all the internationally-minded students of the social sciences. CISSI was founded in order to integrate international students into Finnish student life and to bring international and Finnish students together. We teach non-Finnish speakers how Finnish social life works, e.g., hosting traditional ”sitsit”s as well as parties in a syphilis-haunted dungeon (you find out soon enough 😉 ). We encourage students to join us and their respective Finnish subject organizations as well and like our Facebook-page CISSI.
Before I finish I would recommend you to like the Freshmen of the Faculty of Social Sciences 2016 Facebook-page where we’ll be sharing all the information related to the freshmen and share all the freshmen events. Posts will be in english too!
Also join the Facebook-group for international students of the Faculty of Sociel Sciences: and of the University of Helsinki
And here are Facebook-groups for all the main subjects
Media and Global Communication:
Political Science:
Social Psychology:
Lastly I would like to remind you that here we go. Here it all begins. Welcome to the Faculty of Social Sciences.
Sincerely yours
Aku Nikander
The Freshman Captain (Tutor and freshmen representative)
Kannunvalajat ry
050 4696801