The board

The board of Kannunvalajat 2022

The whole board’s e-mail address:  hallitus (at) /   Photos: Petteri Fincke


Hello! My name is Kaisla and I’m the chair of Kannunvalajat this year. I am a fourth-year student in Politics and Communications. In addition to the Faculty of Social Sciences, I study in the Aleksanteri Institute. 

Before Kannu, I have been on the Freshmen’s Committee and two years on the board of VOO. For me, the main themes for this year are mental health and the unity of Valtsika. 

My favourite things are grocery stores, flea markets, movies, flowers, swimming, slow mornings and most importantly – clothes and fashion. Also, I’m always ready for long talks about politics. 

My DM’s are always open! 

My favourite album: Kendrick Lamar – DAMN.

My favourite TV shows: Mad Men, Succession, The Wire

Where you can find me on the campus: From Think Corner doing Kannu things, rarely studying

Vice Chair and External Affairs

Hello everybody! My name is Venla and this year I’m the vice chair and external relation representative. I am a second-year student in Social Research and my major is Social Psychology.

I would describe myself as a positive and curious person who loves all kinds of people. I am happy to engage in a passionate conversation for example about books, brain functions, feminism, dogs, challenges in our society and many other topics as well. 

I think we have an excellent group of people in the board of Kannu so I am very excited to make things happen together. See you in the events! And remember that you can always come to talk to me about anything. I promise I’ll do my best to help <3

My favourite book (series): The Lord of the Rings

My favourite tv-show: Hercule Poirot and Brooklyn 99

Where you can find me on the campus: Think Corner! Sometimes studying but usually chatting with friends or discussing about Kannu related things

Secretary and Communications

Hello! My name is Anastasia, and I’m a third year social research student, with social and public policy as my major. This year I’m Kannunvalajat’s secretary and one of the communications representatives, which is super fun!

I have lots of hobbies, but the main ones are probably reading, drawing and playing video games B) I play bass guitar and normal guitar, though I’m not that good at it and sometimes forget about its existence : D I also really like sci-fi, graphic design is my passion and my head is full of random facts.

Feel free to come to talk to me about anything, I love talking <3

My favourite album: Depeche Mode – Exciter or Horizon: Forbidden West soundtrack

My favorite book series: Warrior Cats and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy :’-)

Where you can find me on the campus: Kaisa-Talo or Tiedekulma, though there is a bigger chance of meeting me is in coffee shops or bookstores near campus


Hey all! I’m Joona and I’m freshman in economics and this year I act as a treasurer for Kannunvalajat.

I’m originally from Etelä-pohjanmaa Seinäjoki but I’ve lived in Helsinki for a while now. I’ve tried to be quite active in the field of collective activities. In addition to being a representative for Kannunvalajat I’m also representative for several other institutions including Collegium, states board (EPO) and other faculty council’s. I really appreciate the chance to be in Kannunvalajat and you can contact me about anything regarding the institutions that I represent. 

My week is usually very busy. Besides studying and collective activities I often go to work and workout. I like to run, boulder, freeski, do olympic weightlifting and enduro. I spend a lot of time listening to music and the rest of my free time I spend with friends or relaxing. I’m very talkative and I’m easily persuaded to do almost anything. Basically I just like to do a lot of things.

My favourite album: Nct 127 – Cherry Bomb

My favourite series: Misaeng / 미생

Where you can find me on the campus: Rarely in Think Corner or Economicum.

Study Affairs and Internationality

Hi hi! My name is Sofi and I’m a second year social research student an a 4th year law student. In the board of Kannunvalajat I’m the representative of international and study affairs. Before Kannunvalajat I have acted in the law student’s association Pykälä so I have some prior experience in the world of student organizations.

Alongside studies, work and student events, one of my greatest passions is cooking, especially for friends and family. In addition to cooking, I’m very passionate about music and my music taste varies widely from day to day depending on my mood and vibe. Some of my favourite artists include The Beatles, Pavement, Foster the People as well as Arppa, Ruusut, Charli XCX and Doja Cat. Classical music is also very close to my heart, since I’ve played violin for quite some time. My favourite composer is definitely Alexandre Desplat, who does the best movie music ever!

In the social sciences community the best thing is how open and warm people are. It has been amazing to find people with same interests as myself. It’s also quite a plus that these people are also amazing! <3 Love you all! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or just want to say hi.

Fave album (right now): CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST – Tyler, The Creator

Fave movie (right now) The French Dispatch (the soundtrack is done by my fave, Alexandre Desplat!)

Fave series (now and forever): Aikuiset (translates to “Grown ups”, it’s an amazing Finnish show)

Where to find me on campus: Probs studying in the Kaisa Library, if I can make it that far

Study Affairs


I’m Sanna, a second-year student in social research and one of the two study representatives.

I’m good at keeping myself busy with trying new hobbies or inventing all my ”little” projects that succeeds with varying percentages😅 I also like baking and my speciality is croissants, but cooking is not my thing and thats why I prefer Unicafe.

My favourite album: Pimeys- Delta

My favourite TV-show: Downton abbey

Where you can find me on the campus: Unicafe of course!

Fresher Captain & Sports

Hi! I’m Tatu, a second year economics student and this year’s fresher captain and sports representative of Kannunvalajat!🥏

I’m originally from Eastern Finland (Joe’s mouth/Joensuu), but I have adapted to calm circumstances of Oulunkylä for some time now. On my free time I like to get pumps at the gym, play disc golf and birdwatch (I can name over 200 different species by heart).🦆 When the snow melts, you can find me trying to look for either my frisbee or birds from stringing nettle bushes.

My favourite album: Cheek – Kuka muu muka 

My favourite tv show: Succession, House of Cards, Marvel series are also great

Where you can find me on the campus: Think Corner!


Hello everyone! I’m Jaakko, one of the communications representatives in Kannunvalajat. I’m also a part of the Freshers committee, having the same role as in Kannunvalajat. I’m a first year student in Politics and communications.

Although I was originally born in Joensuu I’ve spent most of my life in the caring arms of Espoo. In my free time I do all sorts of things ranging from studying to working a job which include going to the gym, attending all sorts of college events, playing video games and reading and talking about investing.

Before applying to Valtsika I studied history in Turku. Funnily enough they didn’t have overalls, instead they had black capes. If you see someone with a black cape and red overalls in Valtsikas’ events, you can be sure that’s me!

One thing that I’ve really enjoyed about Valtsika is the good spirit and amazing atmosphere that we have in all of our events! This has been one of the most memorable years of my life! See you on events and on campus (even though I prefer to study at home).

My favourite album: I listen to all sorts of music, but Gunnas’ “Banking on me” is a banger!

My favourite tv show: Suits, for real one of the best series ever!

Where you can find me on the campus: You can find me most of the time on Tiedekulma, even though I prefer to study at home.

Work Life & Corporate Relations

Hello hello! I am Elisabet, a first-year Master of Social Sciences student, and this year I act as Corporate Relations and Working Life representative for Kannunvalajat.

For me, food, traveling and people are my greatest resources, because I feel that I am the most vibrant in those very moments. I love art, music, animals (I own two cats <3), late night outs, and a variety of fun activities and games like surfing, escape room games, paintball and everything outside of the comfort zone. I speak four languages ​​and now I’m studying my  fifth one, Swedish. I grew up and went to school in Greece, where I practiced my fiery personality which almost took me to the police station in Finland because I refused to pay € 20 for one sushi roll offered by my friend at a sushi restaurant 😅 I haven’t really learnt how to eat olives though during these years, but I bet I make the best tzatziki you’ve ever eaten! 😛

You can always come and talk to me!

Favorite album: Gasellit-Zen

Favorite Series: The bridge, Friends, the Crown, Brooklyn 99, Game of Thrones

Here you will find me at university: I can be spotted at Kaisla House, Unicafe and Tiedekulma, where I go to read and train.

Events & Environment

Howdy! I’m Jolana, a freshman from social research. I am the environment representative and one of two event representatives of the Kannunvalajat board this year!

Many gap years led me to social sciences and more specifically to social research. Before starting my studies I worked as an escape room game master and a bartender. I have been arranging all sorts of events before starting as an event representative in Kannu! The events in Kannu have been so cool to arrange and I really like to be an event representative! There’s nothing better than seeing smiles on social scientists faces’ in some big event that has finally happened after these exceptional times.

My weekdays include rock-music’s huge consumption, sewing overall badges like a lunatic, badminton and spending time with our family’s dog Bruno. I used to run around from place to place but due to corona time I have started to like balanced and peaceful days at home. Oh and nowadays I’m a proud sober person! I have been sober for over a year now and it’s fantastic that you can participate completely sober in our faculty’s events. Come say hi or send me a message in case you wish to talk about anything, for example sobriety!

My favourite album: Guns N’ Roses – Use Your Illusion I & II

My favourite series: Glee <3

Where you can find me on the campus: Unicafe!

Events & Equality

Hey! I’m Saimi from social research. I am the equality representative and one of two event representatives of the Kannunvalajat board this year. 

I love a little bit of everything. Especially open minded and kind people, painting, trips to nature and sitting in pubs with good company tickles my soul! You’ll get my undivided attention by sharing delightful random facts and observations about life. For example, learning amusing facts about ladybugs or seeing funny shaped root veggies at the grocery store delights me greatly.

I only know one joke by heart and it’s so worn out I’m not going to write it here. Come ask me when we meet! (Unfortunately the joke works only in Finnish but that might make it even more amusing)

My favourite album: Everything Everything – Get To Heaven

My favourite tv show: I tend to rewatch Aikuiset or New Girl when I want to shut my brain off and relax

Where you can find me on the campus: speed walking somewhere because I’m late for something (once again)

Premises & Culture


I’m Eleonora or Elli one of the premises and culture representatives at Kannunvalajat! I study social research and more specifically social work. Besides Kannunvalajat I’m also one of the events representatives at the freshmen committee.

Originally I’m from Seinäjoki which is in Southern Ostrobotnia. I moved to Helsinki almost four years ago when I started studying at Laajasalon opisto. Since then my dream has been to get in to valtsika and now after a couple of twists and turns here I am! :D

Besides being a part of student organizations and studying I like to read, hit the gym, watch good shows and movies, paint and listen to music. I also love to travel and can’t wait till I get to go on a another adventure! 

Fresman year has been one of the best years in my life and I’m excited to see what’s yet to come! 

You can always come and say hi! :) 

Favorite book series: Potters 

Favorite movies: Potters, Marvels and Disney

Where you can find me on campus: At the New Student House with Iina <3

Premises & Culture

Hey! Im Iina from social research. Me and Elli are the representatives of premises and culture this year in Kannunvalajat board, and in addition to that Im also part of the Freshmen’s Committee.

Im usually in Turku about half of my spare time, but regardless of the city, walks, seasides and night skies make me always feel like home. (recommendation: star shows at Kaivopuisto!) Luckily these fit together quite alright with my a bit reversed day rhythm, usually im the most efficient between 22pm and 04am. So if Im not finishing any upcoming deadlines, there is a good chance of running into me at night in some part of Helsinki seashore.

Reading and making different lists are also very dear to me; when it comes to books, the sadder the better, but in terms of playlists there is no such limitations what you can suggest me :) 

My favourite album: Antti Autio – Pihalla tuulee taas

My favourite tv show:  Crime dramas, Friends, (if im honest it is Kumman Kaa)

Where you can find me on the campus: At the new student house sorting stuff out with Elli or at the Think Corner